Digitech Call Sytem Pvt Ltd.

The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industries are witnessing a big disruption as technology has taken a leap towards a more digitalized future. Customers today are so much influenced and encapsulated by the power of digitalization that they are not ready to be satiated anything less than what they expect.

If this is not enough, there always is the pressure of regulatory transformations, diminishing profitability, and growth rate on the banks. All these aspects are forcing banks to re-think their operating models. They are looking for new and innovative products and services to entice customers and enhance their bottom-line.

DigiTech, a leading technology and service provider, is offering a wide spectrum of innovative solutions that transforms banking and enables growth. Our services can help the banks to manage costs, control risk and boost growth. We believe that our outstanding domain expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of the intricacies of investment, and in combination with our well-standardized experience of handling systems for some of the best banking and financial institutions in the world, will surely enable our potential clients to outperform their competition. Our remarkable services help our worthy clients script new stories of tremendous success!

  • Account Receivable Management for Banks and NBFCs
  • Early and Late-Stage Account Receivable Management.
  • Mortgage, Wheels, Cards, Personal Loans, Jewel Loans, Rural Inclusive Banking, Matured Pool.
  • Customer Service, Welcome Calling, KYC collection and Cross – Sell Management.
  • Fulfillment Network Management