Digitech Call Sytem Pvt Ltd.

The key to your business lies within the accounting, finance and understanding of the numbers of your company.

  • Accounting and finance refer to the recording and analyzing of business activities. Understanding where your incoming and outcoming cashflow will help you make better decisions moving forward to avoid failure.
  • When businesses manage their income and expenses there is a stronger potential for growth. Plus, there’s better access to strategies that can help companies survive unexpected financial downturns.
  • Accounting is an important function of a small business and often is referred to as the “Language of Business”.
  • The financial recording, summarizing, analyzing and recording of financial transactions help owners, managers and investors evaluate a company’s financial health. Knowing this information helps inform more strategic business decisions.
  • Allocating the business costs to goods or services, creating a budget for business functions and preparing financial reporting for business decisions are all aspects of accounting. Reports can be tailored to inform specific financial management strategies for individual sectors of your business.

We understand how things work and how many things might change.

As a well known finance and accounting BPO service provider you can rely on our financial and accounting service area outsourcing solutions wherein we offer :

  • Account Receivable Management for Banks and NBFCs
  • Early and Late-Stage Account Receivable Management.
  • Mortgage, Wheels, Cards, Personal Loans, Jewel Loans, Rural Inclusive Banking, Matured Pool
  • Customer Service, Welcome Calling, KYC collection and Cross –Sell Management
  • Fulfillment Network Management