Digitech Call Sytem Pvt Ltd.

One of the crucial part of any business is how efficient are they in handling client’s need. Most of the business face a challenge in interacting and being available for their clients. This is where we step in with the help of our refined technology ,advanced internet based services and cost effective solutions, it becomes easier for our clients to prefer us and delegate complete consumer need on us.

Without a technical support apparatus in place, your customers are bound to be in chaos! Studies suggest that 64% of customers don’t read the user manual before calling technical support. There will, at any point in time during the day, be someone contacting a company for assistance in understanding or using or troubleshooting a product. If you cannot solve problems or respond to queries proactively and accurately, customer frustration will increase, and brand trust is bound to erode. With DigiTech’s technical support services, your customers can get back to using your product/service in the quickest possible time.

A Look at Our Technical Support Services

  • Help Desk: Connect your customers to our knowledgeable and dynamic help desk for all software and hardware related questions, support and troubleshooting.
  • Remote Assistance: Don’t let large geographical distances limit your ability to deliver efficient customer support.
  • Software Assistance: With a direct line to phone assistance, a dedicated team handling email support or live website chats, your customers never have to feel overwhelmed with your software solution.
  • Hardware Assistance: Remove any doubt of faulty hardware and communicate the quality of your product by solving common hardware queries that less experienced or first-time buyers tend to ask.

Why Businesses Rely On Our Technical Support Outsourcing

  • We communicate a customer-centric culture: In the age of social media, customers expect lightning-fast responses to their questions and grievances. By connecting callers to a dedicated help desk, you can promote a customer-first attitude in yet another way.
  • We enhance your Human interactions: Ensuring a calming experience: In comparison to live support online or email support, one-on-one voice support is a more comfortable and reassuring experience, particularly for stressed out customers or urgent requests. customer’s buying experience by providing more information and answering questions.
  • We resolve your queries more easily: When instructions and advice are delivered though friendly conversations, customers can understand solutions and follow-up with questions more easily and smoothly.
  • Our Cost savings can be significant: You can realize considerable savings with technical support outsourcing as you don’t have to allocate a budget for hiring, training and technology procurement.
  • Our Comprehensive support makes you look good: A combination of phone, email, chat and social media support for technical issues offers your customers choice and flexibility, which they’re sure to appreciate.
  • Our Experienced Professionals: Experience is hard to beat. Provide customers top-notch support from day one.
  • Our Cost-effectiveness: Don’t pay a large fortune for top skills and 24/7 technical support.
  • Single POC: Provide consistent technical support across calls, email, social media and live chat.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified services.